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Hack the Cause Wargame Walkthrough

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This post is a walkthrough of a short, fun wargame I found. A few months ago, someone posted a link to a CTF that they had created in a few different InfoSec-related subreddits . The author was very responsive to feedback and added several new…

WordPress Plug-in Boilerplate

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I end up having to create a lot of WordPress plug-ins, which means I end up having to copy/paste or rewrite a lot of functionality. That kind of sucks, so I decided to stop doing it. I wrote a simple, well-documented plug-in boilerplate that contains…

When All You Have is a Nail, Everything Looks Like a Hammer

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I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. Abraham Maslow Sometimes we have to use the tools that are within a project’s budget of time and money. Sometimes those solutions aren’t ideal…

Building a Cacheable Updateable Bookmarklet

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Note : This may be common knowledge to many of you, but I couldn’t track down many good resources for this kind of thing while building my first bookmarklet. While building the beta version of the bookmarklet for Make My Password , I found myself…